Its revolutionary

Calm your nerves and get in motion.

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Stimulate your senses


stay calm

Distract yourself from bad thoughts, anxiety, or panic attacks by using your fingers to roll the beads all the way around.

stop bad habits

The Motion Ringโ€™s sensory beads allows you to replace your beard plucking, nail biting, hair pulling, hair twirling, skin picking, and cuticle picking.

stay Focus

Small movements with your hand can increase blood flow and free up brain space to attend your meeting, sermon, or teacher.


Get through your dreadful office meeting. No matter where you go, this fun professional looking ring can be worn discreetly.

Its revolutionary

The Motion Ring has large beads that allow you to fiddle, play, fidget, and spin. Satisfactions flows as its stainless steel beads glide across the ring like butter. Stimulate your senses as the beads click against one another. Each bead rotates and rolls allowing you to manipulate at your pleasure. This is the perfect portable sensory to alleviate anxiety, tremors, bad habits, panic attacks, and encourage tranquility, entertainment and focus. We are elevating the idea of a spinner ring to a whole new level.

reduce your anxiety

This sensory ring is outstanding for those in need of an escape from anxiety. Distracting yourself can help prevent panic attacks and reduce stress. Quiet negative thoughts in your mind and fidget with Motion Ring!

get in motion

calm your nerves and purchase your ring

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